Julien Macdonald Chandelier Wallpaper, Navy

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Julien Macdonald Chandelier Wallpaper, Navy
A special type of removable wallpaper that is designed to stick on the wall and peel off easily. Quick & easy 'Paste The Wall' application (you apply the paste directly to the wall, no decorating table or pre-cutting required)
Non-woven wallpaper, won't shrink or expand over time
Removal Type: Strippable
Textured wallpaper covers minor wall imperfections
Straight match with a 12.6 inch pattern repeat

Julien macdonald Chandelier Wallpaper, Navy" src="https://95.mywebtrend.com/uploads/julien-macdonald-chandelier-wallpaper-navy-B08TX4JWGC_0.jpg" alt="Julien Macdonald Chandelier Wallpaper, Navy" width="500" height="500" srcset="https://95.mywebtrend.com/uploads/julien-macdonald-chandelier-wallpaper-navy-B08TX4JWGC_0.jpg">